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Why Indie Books Need
Quality Standards

How Our Seal Packs a
Marketing Punch

We believe great books deserve to be recognized.

That’s why we evaluate and endorse indie and self-published books that meet our strict quality standards and then do everything we can to put them in the hands of readers.The Compulsion Reads Endorsement is an independent quality standard that readers can trust.

The publishing industry is changing in a BIG way

Agents and publishers are so yesterday (along with all their rejection slips). Self-published books and indie books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords are in. There’s a slight problem, however. Revolutions tend to lead to anarchy.

Now that anyone can self-publish books, everyone can self-publish

Quality indie and self-published books are being drowned out, and readers are getting frustrated and distrustful of the indie market.

Every industry needs standards.

Why Indie Book Standards Are Necessary

Amazon and Barnes & Noble have made it incredibly easy for authors to self-publish. This is both a good and bad thing…

*We realize and respect the fact that there is some disagreement over the definition of the terms “indie books” and “self-published books”, as well as “indie author” and “self-published author”. At Compulsion Reads, we choose to use “indie” and “self-published” interchangeably. We mean no disrespect to authors who are published through small independent presses who do not consider themselves to be self-published. We just happen to think that we’re all in the same boat, so we might as well get along, hold hands, and break out the Kumbaya